Restaurant Review #3: Interim

I have been putting off this review for some time, mainly because I am torn on the amount of stars. I have decided I am giving it four stars because the experiences I have had there have been largely positive. They have great atmosphere, quality food, and good service.

The pork shank is absolutely delicious, though a mammoth portion that is quite intimidating to eat. My friend got it on my last visit (a birthday celebration) and she just stared at it, then me, wondering how to eat it. I have had it myself, and it is probably my second favorite item on the menu.

The duck at Interim is great. I should have gotten it. I knew that I would love it, and I have had it before, but this time I decided to get risotto. Oh, risotto. I blame this decision on the countless cooking shows (I am looking at you, Gordon Ramsay) I have watched featuring this dish.

The steak at Interim? Perfectly cooked and seasoned. Another entree I should have gotten. The risotto? Oh, risotto. It was creamy, yes, but it was… I do not want to say bland, because it wasn’t bland, but rather just lacking the punch of flavor that every other entree I have had at Interim has featured. Disappointed was I, and I would only give three stars if I was basing my review on that item alone.

Fortunately, I am not! The sides at Interim are great, the appetizers (such as the scallops) are succulent, and overall you cannot go wrong with dining there.

Just don’t get the risotto.

Price: $$$+ (you are probably spending $30+ per person)
Deliciousness: 4/5 – 
A 2 for the risotto.
Service: 4/5 – Excellent.
Decor: 3/5 – Nice understated decor.
Wow-factor: 3/5 – That pork shank is a thing to behold.
Overall: 4/5 – If you want to have a nice dining experience and you have some cash to spend, you would do well to go to Interim.


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