Takes a licking and… breaks

Review Type: Stuff
Reviewed: Thermos Sipp™ Water Hydration Bottle

This is an example of a review that would have been completely different if posted only a few hours ago. I am speaking of my Thermos SIPP bottle. It promised to keep hot things hot for 12 hours and cold things cold for 24. It very nearly lived up to those claims. This is was without a doubt the best thermos I ever had…

Double insulated, vacuum sealed, push button, carrying handle, it ticked all of the buttons. You put ice in it, ten hours later it still had ice in it. Unbelievable. Was it $24 and therefore kind of high for a thermos? Yes. Yes indeed. Was it worth every penny? No. Was it worth every penny before I smashed the dang thing on the ground accidentally? Yes. Am I really frustrated that I cannot just go to Target and get another one right now and pretend this never happened? …


Get one of these thermoses. They are metal, slick, and they work. Don’t drop them on the ground. They aren’t the type of plastic (apparently) that can handle that. At all. Now only the two little elastic bands hold my lid on, and I am not confident of the seal. Oh, sad day. Sad day indeed. And yes, I am going to Target after work and I am getting another one. If Target doesn’t have them any more, I am sure my lamentations will be heard throughout my blogs tomorrow.

Efficiency: 5/5 (keeps hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold, for a LONG time)
Style: 5/5 (slickest thermos I have ever seen)
Ability to handle being dropped in a parking lot from maybe 3 feet in the air: 0/5 (the lid shatters)


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