Restaurant Review #4: Cheddar’s Casual Cafe

Three cheers for chicken tenders and sweet tea! Look, Cheddar’s is not a fine dining restaurant. And yes, it is super busy. That being said, you need to go here for reasonable priced food and lots of it.

They have a superb lunch special (two items for $6, three for $7) which I really want to try, but I wanted to first experience several things on the menu. I am ready to talk about those things now.

First, lets get the negative out of the way. If I was just reviewing the service, it would be a worse review. It’s not that great right now. However, cut them some slack. It is a madhouse in there and I salute those servers for keeping a smile on their face when confronted with non-stop pandemonium.

Second, the burger did not blow my mind. But for only $5, I would say it is pretty good. The Montecristo is an experience, but let me recommend splitting it with someone. You can’t eat more than half of that thing without hating yourself or paying a heavy price (or both). It is a ham cheese and turkey sandwich in a batter (think funnel cake) and deep fried, covered in powdered sugar, and served with raspberry preserves. Yes it is as good AND as bad as that sounds. Again, split it with someone.

Third, the cheesesteak was merely ‘eh’. It wasn’t that great. The cheese sticks were also mediocre. Standard frozen fare in that regard.

NOW, on to the good stuff. The chicken tenders are AMAZING. They are huge, and for $6 you get four gigantic ones and some fries. You can also get them buffalo style (yes please). They are enough to eat AND take home. So, basically, two meals for six bucks. Man. I kid you not, they are so good. Probably the best chicken tenders I have had anywhere and I have had chicken tenders EVERYWHERE.

Also of note, the cheese fries! I get those everywhere too and at cheddar’s you get a HUGE portion for only $6. For the cost of a half portion at other places you get enough cheese fries for 6 people (easy). Absolutely tons of cheese and bacon, you cannot go wrong with this appetizer. Honorable mention to the potato skins, which are cooked perfectly but for me rank just below some other places.

So, if you go with some friends and you start off with cheese fries and then split a couple chicken tender baskets you will spend next to nothing and be totally full and satisfied. My highest recommendation. Also, the sweet tea is killer.

Price: $-$$ (this place is very economical)
Value: High – You get a ton for your money at Cheddar’s! See the last paragraph of my review.
Service: 3/5 – Service is a bit slow, but cut them some slack. They are super duper busy. It is worth putting up with the slow service!
Decor: Nothing to talk about
Overall: 4/5 – Can’t beat this place for inexpensive tasty food!


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