Friday Tuna (Restaurant Review #5)

I am always looking for a good sushi spot. Friday Tuna was totally built out and yet completely closed for so long that I was starting to view it as the restaurant equivalent of “vaporware”. However, a couple weeks ago my friend told me that it was finally open so I had to check it out.

Walking in to Friday Tuna I was immediately impressed by the decor. It may not be up some people’s alley but I thought the decor was brilliant. Contemporary, super crisp and clean, it immediately sets you up for a positive experience. The service was absolutely exceptional and the hibachi area was spacious.

We opted to sit at a regular table (saving hibachi for next time) and I started out with an appetizer. It was this amazingly delicious stuffed jalapeno with seafood and… man. A great way to start the meal!

As I mentioned before, the service was great without being annoying. I opted to go full sushi for dinner and not only were the rolls exceptional they were delivered much more quickly than I anticipated. I had three rolls and they were all masterfully done. The rolls are more pricey than Sakura but I would say they are of a similar quality (seeing as that’s my favorite sushi joint, that is high praise from me).

I have to mention the sweet tea, it was great! All in all, my only complaint is that the sushi rolls are a bit high priced. That being said, they were of a quality that made the price understandable.

My second visit to Friday Tuna I came there for lunch with Kevin and we both had a really great experience. I got a ‘Bento Box’ lunch and for only $10 that includes two meats (I chose the ‘Bang Bang’ Chicken and the Teriyaki chicken), fried rice, slaw, a palate cleansing noodle salad, and I forget what else. Point is, it’s huge and economical. Now, of course I just had to have a Sushi roll as well but you don’t!

Kevin got the Teppanyaki (which is what you would call Hibachi) meal which also looked great. It was a big pile of fried rice and a big pile of protein (in his case, chicken), cooked on the hibachi grill.  He really liked it.

Price: $-$$$ (depending on whether lunch or dinner, and if you have sushi)
Value: Subjective – I would consider it high if you are getting a bento box or teppanyaki lunch special. If you are just getting sushi you may feel the value is lower since there are cheaper places to get sushi. That said, the sushi here at Friday tuna is very good
Service: 4/5 – Service is pretty great. Refills are fast. Sushi is quicker than you may be used to.
Decor: Extremely classy, just going into this place with the classical music and the decor, it just relaxes me.
Wow-factor: I would say that the wow factor of Friday Tuna is the variety of items on the menu (great variety!) and the awesome decor.
Overall: 4/5 – My current favorite asian restaurant!


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