Entry # 4 – Lychee Flavour Aerated Water (by Elisha)

Today on the Stephen O Show, I will be reviewing another ‘very much not at all like Fall or Christmas what are you doing is this even topical’ item. Also, shhh. I will be hitting the store soon and getting tons of stuff to review that IS topical. It will be a pale comparison to my buddy Matt’s reviews during the Halloween Countdown on Dinosaur Dracula (yay plug!) (warning: adult language), but I will do it all the same.

However, today we are going to talk about ‘Lychee Flavour Aerated water’, a delightful beverage from China. The first thing you need to know about this stuff is that it tastes amazing. It absolutely does. That being said I am getting ahead of myself. I have had this beverage before, more than once in fact, but I have never reviewed it until today.


There it is, in all its glory. And yes, that is a plastic ‘can/bottle’ with an aluminum top. Hey, it works, but it does not stay in the 6-pack rings at all. It fell apart when I was checking out, and we all laughed together (I am sure they were not laughing at me, haaaaahhhh…). I got this at the Cordova International Farmers Market, a place that will source many of my reviews. Go check it out!

How to describe the flavor? Well, it tastes pretty much like those wet lychee jelly candies that you can get in chinese food stores in those sealed little packets. That is not an insult, those little jellies are amazing! Mostly hailing from Japan, they will get their own review. Like I was saying, this stuff tastes just like those candies, which is to say top notch delicious.

Taste Review

I can’t describe the taste of these accurately, because I have no idea how to describe this drink without comparing it to the fruit. It tastes like Lychee! That is a huge compliment as far as I am concerned. How does Lychee taste? Fresh, bright, an explosion of sweet (but not overpoweringly so) fruit flavor on the tongue. There, my best effort.

I also did a little digging and this Chinese manufacturer is super proud of its flavors, because they get them from a Swiss flavor company called Givaudan. Who knew, but apparently these guys provide flavors for a ton of companies and this is a regular thing that everyone does. Call a guy and order some flavor. Nice.

The aftertaste is also pleasant, and for my money when ice cold this stuff is one of my favorites. Unfortunately, they are not super cheap due to being an imported product. So, I don’t keep them around all the time. Also, it being fall and all, I am going to switch my gears to more ‘cider-ey’ beverages. As much as possible.

Conclusion and Rating

Delicious! Yes, I know that is a meaningless word. I don’t know what else to say. Amazing!  No negative comments. Go get some and bless your life. Find them at . You can buy them individually or in a six pack.

Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Soda Bottles 

I deducted half a point because of the price.

Go buy these!


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