Restaurant Review #5: Mojo Cafe

Friends, the return of the Stephen O Show is at hand.  Today, we look at  Mojo Cafe. The owner/chef used to be one of the chefs at one of my favorite restaurants, Hog & Hominy. In addition to this pedigree, when I saw a couple of very impressive Yelp reviews for this place, I knew I had to go check it out ASAP. The menu looked amazing and though my GPS insisted it was in the middle of a bridge, I did eventually find it.

From the moment I walked in and smelled the aromas, I knew it was going to be a good experience. I have been there twice now, and can attest to the deliciousness of every single thing I have tried. The Mojo fries are covered with a sinfully succulent chorizo gravy, while remaining hot and crisp. I have had them twice, and they may be my favorite fry based appetizer in Memphis right now (sorry Hog and Hominy).

The Smoke on the Burger was a taste sensation! That cheddar cheese, those onions, that bacon! Amazing. Every single bite was a flavor explosion and I did not want it to end. To accompany it? Collards with kimchi, which was recommended to me by the owner and more than lived up to his description. Savory, a powerful punch of yum… just get it!

On my second visit I had the ‘Chef’s Sliders’. I honestly cannot tell you which is better: the sliders or that smoke on the burger. They are little flavor bombs and the tomato chutney goes perfectly with the chipotle aioli. Another thing about them? They were not overcooked. Sliders are often overcooked because they are so small, but these were cooked with a delicate hand. Pink in the center, juicy, I have nothing bad to say.

I was pleased to be able to try a new item: kimchi collard spring rolls with cilantro dipping sauce. WOW! This is probably my new favorite spring roll. That sauce just makes it, and as soon as they appear on the menu I will add them to my order.

The only thing I cannot review is the desserts. They look so good but I am always so full that I can’t try them. My mission next time is skip the Mojo Fries (though it pains my soul) and try the Elvis Dippers.

I want to add one more note: the staff were awesome. The lady at the counter was super helpful in selecting what to order and the owner/chef Steph was personable and super friendly. He really knows what he is doing back there, so go get a big dose of Mojo at Memphis Mojo Cafe!

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