Olympus Has Fallen (Movie Review #2)

I must say first that I am a strong preacher of the need to practice suspension of disbelief. If you can’t suspend disbelief you will not enjoy many movies. I have no problem suspending disbelief for movies be they sci-fi, fantasy, or even action.

That being said, there are limits. There are limits, friends. Olympus Has Fallen goes beyond those limits. The entire setup for the movie is ridiculous scenario after ridiculous scenario, stacked beyond the ceiling. You have to accept that our military is incompetant, that the secret service is incompetant, and that foreign terrorists are just far smarter than we are.

Now I know that some of you liked this movie! I am not judging you. I have a bit of a “sore spot” concerning movies that stack ridiculous scenarios like this. If you don’t have a problem seeing past that, then I can see how this would be a great action movie.

The writing in this movie was bad. The acting in this movie (besides Gerard and Morgan Freeman of course) is bad. There are also some very bad casting decisions. The Vice President is terrible, the Secretary of Defense is absolutely laughably awful. The explosions were good! However, action could not save this movie.

This movie continues to stack ridiculous scenarios all the way to the end. Just absolutely unbelievable scenarios. Look, if you want to make a realistic movie then I am going to expect some level of realism. I am not putting spoilers here, but trust me when I say that there is nothing to spoil. The Morgan Freeman rule finally finds its contradiction. Well, unless you can look past all the plot contrivances. If you can look past that and the bad acting and the bad dialog and the bad casting then I salute you! There really was some good action here. I just couldnt really enjoy it.

*The Morgan Freeman Rule – Any movie with Morgan Freeman will turn out to be (at the very least) entertaining.

Glutton for Punishment: (you want a high score) 0/5 – No. I can’t see this again.
Plot: 1/5 – Fail.
Special Effects: 3/5 – Explosions were nice!
Acting: 2/5 – Not good. Not.. good. The writing was also very poor. Morgan Freeman gets a four.
Man Score: 4/5 – Guns, Explosions, Violence! If you can ignore all the stupid garbage, it’s all here.
Overall: 1.5/5 – I could not suspend enough disbelief and Morgan Freeman couldn’t save this movie. If you need a guy flick, Redbox or Vudu it.