Restaurant Review #6: Eat Well Sushi & Grill

Welcome to yet another ‘expanded review’. Whenever I post a review   ‘enhance’ it for my WordPress readership.  Let us begin!

The Setup

, and myself went to Eat Well to try out their buffet on Sunday. I do not think any of us had been since they had shut down and then reopened.

The Review

I used to love Eat Well. I really did. I was such a big fan of them in every way, from the giant fishtanks to the huge glasses of perfect sweet tea to the great sushi to the… well you get the point. Then, they closed… for a long time.

I actually did not even realize that they were back open, but I went with some friends to check them out last weekend. First, let’s talk about the good stuff: the sushi is pretty great. The key is, it’s fresh! I would not pick it over a dedicated super expensive sushi joint but for the price you cannot beat their wide selection and unlimited nom nom nom… sorry, got carried away. Seriously, though, I know that we were all pretty impressed with the sushi.

The fried shrimp was still great, the spicy pork was good, and the dessert cakes looked as good as ever. The waitress kept me with plenty of that delicious sweet tea too, so that was good. Then Stephen, you say, why not high marks then if the sushi, service, and tea were great?

Here is the problem: the hot items were not that great (except for a seafood dish, the shrimp, and the spicy pork). Also, about 1/5 of the buffet was tempura (where it used to have a lot more variety of foods available). That being said, I am not being critical. If everything was like that and the sushi, service, and tea were as good as they were, I would normally give four stars.

There were two major problem areas: one, the table smelled. It smelled like it had been wiped down with a dirty rag. This kind of puts one off the food. Worse than that, however, was the heat. It was hot in there, the air was on 80 and they said it was not working right.

I don’t mind eating while I sweat, as long as it’s from the spices! In this case, it was just hot. I don’t do hot. Not when I am eating, not when I am NOT eating. So, three stars because I am deducting one for cleanliness and comfort issues. I will probably be back.

Price: $$-$$$ (lunch is $13.99, dinner is $19.99)
Value: Subjective – If you love sushi, the value is great. If you like variety, mehhhhh
Service: 3/5 – Decent.
Decor:  I miss the fish tanks
Wow-factor: It’s still really big, but I miss my fish tanks
Overall: 3/5 – I would actually still recommend this place if you are going to pretty much stick to sushi. If not… give it a pass.



Restaurant Review #2: Rain Premier Sushi Bar & Bistro

Woe! Woe is me!

I have been meaning to review Rain for some time, but I had heard that it had really went downhill from several friends so I figured I would give it one more shot before I put my “pen to paper” as it were. I am extremely glad I waited, because this past visit to Rain really matched all I had been hearing.

I do not like doing negative reviews, but I assure you that this is a (summarized) factual account of my recent visit. Kevin and I showed up on a Friday night and the place was a ghost town. There were maybe four tables in the entire restaurant. This is a big red flag, but we were able to get one of the tables with the cushy chairs so I figured hey lets just go with this.

First, the service was poor. I think our server was doing his best, but the entire experience was a comedy of errors. First, our drink order came out wrong. Second, he put our sushi in as one seat, so it came out on one big plate. This is unacceptable, because Kevin hates spicy food. So, it was a big deal (and took over ten minutes) to get our food separated out. I could hear the argument behind the sushi bar about “well you have to put it in separately if you want it to come out separately”.

Once we received our food, I was missing some of the food I had ordered. Turns out, one of the sushi rolls I ordered was never put into the computer. Once it did come out, and we began to eat, we discovered that the sushi was bland and tasteless. All in all, a thoroughly disappointing experience. Another one onto the ban list, and its sad because Rain used to be overpriced but delicious. Now it’s just overpriced.

Price: $$$+ (you are probably spending $30+ per person)
Deliciousness: 1/5 – 
Bland, unexciting food that tasted like… nothing
Service: 1/5 – Horrible. Just absolutely horrible. I did still tip well of course! No excuse for not tipping.
Decor: 3/5 – The Decor in rain is cool, I liked looking at the fish. One of them glowed in the black light. The shining star in the bleak experience, as it were.
Wow-factor: N/A Hahahahaah no.
Overall: 1/5 – If you want Sushi, allow me to point you to Sakura in Germantown. That place is the bomb. Sekisui is also a fine choice, and many people love Osaka.