The Once and Future Tea

I think it is only appropriate that since tea was my inspiration for starting a review blog that it be the thing that gets me back on track with said blog. Well that is only partially true. Honestly I haven’t had any loose leaf tea in months except when visiting the Teavana store in the mall over the holidays.

This is less about tea than honey. Honey made me think of tea, but I still haven’t had any yet. In any case, I am rambling. My point is that I intend to resume posting here, which is saying something considering I never intended to stop posting here.

I have started using honey in my coffee here at work instead of sugar. Better for you etc but mainly I just love the flavor. Yes we are in fact leading up to a review here, maybe a mini review? Something, anyway.

Review: Buram Pine Honey

I got this stuff from Casablanca, a restaurant that I love. They use it to sweeten their quite frankly amazing sweet tea so I felt “how could I go wrong?”. I have had this honey for over a year and just opened it today. This is my first experience with a honey made from honeydew and… It is unique.

What you need to understand is that this stuff smells a lot like pine tree sap. It tastes more than a little like pine tree sap. I am sure that there are a lot of people who love it and I sure do in the tea. By itself? Ergh.. not so much.

It isn’t bad, not saying it’s bad, just… very different. I do not recommend it for use on toast or anything of the like, unless you want it to taste like you rubbed your toast on a tree. In coffee it’s actually quite nice, so I will retain it.

I found a LOT of honey I want to try on Amazon. Before I buy any though I want to check Fresh market and the farmers market and see what they have.

Bottom line: Buram pine honey is exactly that

Talk to you soon, more Stephen O Show is on the way including:

  1. movie reviews (Hobbit, Jack Ryan)
  2. restaurant reviews